Nibbler Grindmaster

Our own grinding machine that quickly sharpen your punching tools

Nibbler Grindmaster is designed to quickly and easily sharpen punches and dies for all brands of punching machines. The machine automatic grind punching tools without any monitoring of the operator. Mounting a tool and starting a grinding cycle takes approx. 30 seconds. Grinding 0,1 mm on a smaller tool takes approx. 1,5 minutes. When the grinding is complete, the machine returns to stand-by mode and turns off.

Technical data

Max. tool diameter 160 mm
Max. tool height 230 mm Compressed air pressure 6 bar
Electrical connection 400V-3Ph-50Hz
Machine dimensions 700x700x1900 mm
Net weight approx. 450 kgs

Frame -the machine has a heavy cast iron frame which ensures good stability
The protective door - the machine has a protective door that opens and closes automatically with pneumatics.
Wear Compensation - no manual adjustments are required to compensate for grinding disc wear
Grinding area - due to the design of the saftety cover the grinding area is easily accessible from three sides for mounting of tools
Coolant - the machine is equipped with a well-proven closed coolant system
Control panel - the machine has a HMI with a user frendly interface for easy operation of the machine
Positioning - positioning of the grinding disc is accomplished with an AC-servo motor with precision gear and lead screw. Dual linear guides with four carriers, providing highly stable bearing properties
Height detection - the tool to be sharpened does not need to be mounted at a specific height as the machine automatically detects it before sharpening begins