About us

Nibbler Sales started in 1992 with the idea of ​​buying and selling machines to the sheet metal industri. Today Nibbler are a total supplier that delivers both machine, software and education.

Nibbler Sales was started in 1992 with the business idea of buying, selling and distributing second-hand punching machines, laser-cutting machines, press brakes and additional equipment to these categories of machines. The reason Nibbler were focused on only three types of machines are that the machine is getting more and more advanced. This means that most customers require that the supplier provide installation, training, software and warranty, so the customer has only one responsible supplier. To achieve these commitments, we have our owner technicians as wells as close cooperation with several service companies specialized in the various machine types in order to offer good support for our customers.

We also have our own grinding machine Nibbler Grindmaster. which keep your punching tool sharp. Read more about this »