FLADDER 200 / Gyro is a deburring machine for materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and wood.

It is the smallest machine in the FLADDER® GYRO family, which has several components from the larger GYRO machines: A powerful gear head mounted with 6 conical spindles on which different grinding tools can be used. The spindles rotate in pairs while the entire gear head performs an oscillating and rotating movement over the surface of the workpiece. This guarantees a uniform finish of the workpieces and uniform wear of the grinding tools. 

The central head carrying the tools is an extremely strong and compact unit. The gear head is mounted in a unique suspension type suspension system. With the help of a powerful vacuum system, small workpieces are also kept secure during the process. The width of the vacuum belt is 1300 mm.

The control panel with a touch screen guarantees easy and manageable operation of the machine. The frame is powder coated and solidly built with large windows which give a good overview of the process. 

Fladder Denmark focuses on saving energy, as an option the vacuum motor can be controlled by a frequency converter. When machining large details, the vacuum power can then be set in half, thus saving energy. The other motors in the machine are controlled by frequency converter by default. Another alternative is an energy saving system that works with a laser beam that detects the flow of workpieces in the machine. If the flow of workpieces stops, the machine shuts down incrementally. This saves energy and avoids unnecessary wear of tools and machines.

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Total height 2135mm
Machine width 1800 mm 
Total length 1690mm
Height of conveyor belt 840mm
Working width with vacuum hold 1000 mm
Max work piece height 100 mm
Max work piece width 1000-1200 mm
Infeed speed 0,3 - 10,0 m / min.
Spindle number, diameter & length 6 x 100 × 350 mm or 6 x 200 × 250
Voltage 3 x 400 / 500V
Max / min. Fuse 63A / 32A mm 
Maximum power consumption 17,5 kW
Net weight 1500 kgs

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