About us

We started in 1992 with the idea of ​​buying and selling machines for companies. Today we are a complete supplier that delivers both machine, software and education.

Nibbler Sales AB was founded in 1992 with the business concept of buying, selling and conveying punching machines, laser machines and peripherals to them. The reason why we have focused on these machine types from the very beginning is that the machines are becoming more and more advanced. This means that most customers, whether new or used machines, require the supplier to provide installation, training, software and other peripherals so that the customer only has one responsible supplier. To be able to live up to these commitments, we have today built up a close collaboration with a number of service companies specialized in the different makes and machine types.

We also have our own grinding machine, Nibbler Grindmaster, which makes the work around punching machines more efficient. Read more about this »